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Where the Snowdrops Are

Where the Snowdrops Are

From £3.50

Original Watercolour 24cm x 34 cm.

This serene watercolour painting depicts the peaceful beauty of a woodland scene, as delicate snowdrops peek through the woodland grass reminding us that spring is the next season. The painting captures the essence of a crisp winter morning, with rays of sunlight streaming through the trees in the background and illuminating the floor. The delicate white petals of the snowdrops are exspessivley painted capturing the essance of the flower's shape and texture. The surrounding trees are painted in muted tones of french ultramarine and burnt umber , with patches frost still clinging to their branches. The viewer can almost feel the stillness and quiet of the woodland, as if they are standing in the midst of this tranquil winter scene. The overall effect of the painting is one of peacefulness and contemplation, as the viewer is transported to a moment of stillness and beauty in the midst of a cold and quiet winter landscape. This watercolour painting would make a stunning addition to any collection, evoking a sense of calm and serenity whenever it is admired.

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