My next event will be CAOS2024 Carshalton Artists Open Studios, 29th & 30th June then 6th and 7th July

Artist Statement

Simon Robin Stephens

My Artistic Journey: A Discovery of Self and Creativity

Art has always held a special place in my life, a sanctuary where I find solace and inspiration.

It was my mother's love for art that ignited my own passion, as I watched her transform blank pieces of paper into captivating portraits and painted delicate botanical watercolours.

Despite my natural artistic inclinations, life presented challenges that often overshadowed my creative pursuits. I struggled with focus, attention, and racing thoughts, which sometimes led to feelings of frustration and anxiety. My early career path in the IT industry, while providing stability, left little room for artistic expression.

A turning point came when I lost two close friends, a profound loss that prompted me to rediscover the calming and transformative power of art. I joined a painting club at the Salvation Army in Sutton, where my passion for painting was rekindled.

Seeking to refine my skills, I enrolled in various art courses at Sutton College, exploring mixed media and watercolour painting. It was through these courses and the discovery of renowned watercolour artists like Daniel Pito Campos, Alvaro Castagnet, and Gonzalo Ibanez that my love for watercolour blossomed.

Their mastery of light, shadow, and warm-cool hues captivated me, inspiring me to emulate their techniques and develop my own unique style.

Painting became my escape during the pandemic, a lifeline that helped me navigate through the challenges of caring for a friend who passed away and the loss of my auntie.

As my confidence grew, I joined the Carshalton and Wallington Art Group, where I found a supportive community of fellow artists. I took on the roles of Membership Secretary and Social Media Secretary, further deepening my involvement and contributing to the group's success.

In 2022, I joined the Carshalton Artists, participating in their open studio events and the annual Christmas Fair. My paintings of Carshalton resonated with local art enthusiasts, and I gradually built a following.

Nature has been a constant source of inspiration and solace throughout my artistic journey. Immersed in the ever-changing tapestry of the natural world, I find myself drawn to the intricate details and subtle nuances that unfold with each passing season. From the vibrant hues of spring to the muted tones of autumn, nature's palette provides an endless source of inspiration for my paintings. The interplay of light and shadow, the delicate dance of leaves in the wind, and the symphony of colours that paint the landscape – these are the elements that captivate my senses and ignite my creative spirit.

Recently, I received a neurodiversity diagnosis, a revelation that brought clarity and understanding to my lifelong struggles. This self-discovery has been empowering, allowing me to embrace my unique perspective and channel my energy into my art with renewed Vigor.

Through my neurodiversity, I perceive the world in a unique and multifaceted way, enabling me to capture the subtle essence of nature's beauty. My walks and photographic excursions serve as a constant source of inspiration, allowing me to document the ever-changing moods of the natural world. As I translate these experiences onto my canvases, I strive to convey the profound sense of peace and wonder that nature evokes within me.

Art has always been my saviour, and now, armed with this newfound understanding of myself, I am filled with optimism for the future. I will continue to explore my artistic passions, embracing my neurodiversity and transforming my creative energy into works that inspire and connect.