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Majestic Roses Original (W 24.3cm H 34.3cm

Majestic Roses Original (W 24.3cm H 34.3cm

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  • Primary Colors: The painting uses a vibrant palette with a striking contrast between the crimson red of the roses and the cool teal and green hues of the background. The reds are rich and vary in tone, which adds depth and a sense of texture to the petals.
  • Harmony: The complementary colours are well chosen, with the warmth of the reds standing out against the cooler background. This creates a dynamic and engaging visual appeal.


  • Focal Point: The largest rose is clearly the focal point, with its size, central placement, and detailed rendering drawing the viewer's eye.
  • Balance: There is an asymmetrical balance with the larger elements on the right and smaller blooms on the left, which is pleasing to the eye and gives a natural feel to the arrangement.
  • Use of Space: The composition makes good use of the space with a mix of detail and more abstract, loosely defined elements in the background, providing a sense of depth.


  • Brushwork: The variation in brushwork, from controlled, detailed strokes in the roses to the more free and expressive strokes in the background, showcases a mastery of watercolour techniques.
  • Light and Shade: The artist has effectively used light and shade to give the petals a three-dimensional form, which is not easy to achieve in watercolour. 
  • The painting is a silent ode to romantic love. The velvet petals are caressed by the watercolor, each layer a testament to the gentle yet powerful nature of affection. The roses stand tall and proud, yet they exude a softness that is inviting, much like the tender moments shared between lovers. The cool hues in the background are the steady, comforting embrace that nurtures love's fiery passion.

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