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The Dukes Head Hotel

The Dukes Head Hotel


“Experience the timeless charm of Wallington’s iconic Duke’s Head Hotel captured in stunning watercolour detail. This mesmerizing artwork pays homage to the hotel’s historic elegance, with each brushstroke revealing the structure’s unique architectural intricacies. Perfect for those who appreciate the beauty of heritage landmarks, this painting brings a piece of Wallington’s rich history into your space. Dive deep into the captivating colors and imagine the stories that the Duke’s Head Hotel holds within its walls.

The **Duke's Head Hotel** is a pub and hotel located in Wallington, South London. The hotel has been serving delicious brunch, Sunday roasts, and local beers since 1830 ². The hotel has 23 beautiful bedrooms and on-site parking, making it an ideal base for business trips or weekend getaways.

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