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Princes Street, Edinburgh

Princes Street, Edinburgh

From £3.50

Original Watercolour 36cm x 26cm.

"Journey through the heart of Scotland's majestic capital with our exquisite watercolour representation of Princes Street in Edinburgh, facing the iconic Balmoral Hotel and Scott Monument at twilight. This piece brilliantly showcases the stately elegance of the Balmoral's clock tower, intertwined with the gothic grandeur of the Scott Monument, all under the soft, dusky hues of twilight. The nuanced watercolour strokes deftly capture the cobblestone streets, the distant hum of city life, and the ethereal glow of the evening sky. A dream for collectors who adore Edinburgh's timeless elegance, this painting is a captivating homage to the city's historic and architectural jewels. Add a touch of Scottish enchantment to your space with this captivating view down Princes Street at dusk."

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