Happy New Year 2024

I will be exhibiting in the new faces exhibition 17-27th January

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Whimsy from coley, Surreys Silent Thrill

Whimsy from coley, Surreys Silent Thrill

From £4.00

“Experience the serene beauty of ‘Whimsy from Coley: A Summer’s Glimpse’ - a delicate watercolour rendering that encapsulates the magic of a summer afternoon atop Coley Hill. With ever-changing clouds casting flash shadows across the undulating landscape, this artwork vividly portrays the Surrey Hills in all their splendor. The distant silhouette of Leith Hill punctuates the horizon, providing depth and dimension. This piece not only captures the visual essence of Surrey but also resonates with the tranquil ambiance of an English countryside in full bloom. Perfect for aficionados of nature-inspired art and lovers of the Surrey landscapes.”

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